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1) Prelude: How a producer brings together designers, artists and musicians, whom can be seen, heard and felt.

The ART BOX combines, in a unique way, the ideas and creative processes of gallerist and producer in one person; of filmmakers and cutters as well as of designers and musicians. It results in a ‘collaborative artwork’ – essentially comparable to the achievements of other era’s, in which various arts were unified in a single whole.  The ART BOX is an art product, which has a limited edition of a maximum of six per piece. The producer, Vesta Mauch, initiates and develops the ART BOXES in cooperation with various artists from different regions of the world, whom reach for a creative implementation of their respective projects out of a heterogeneous context. Vesta Mauch possesses an important tool in the realisation of these artistic projects due to her fastidious correspondence. The artists are not exclusively bound to the Rebell Minds Gallery, but can also work with other galleries.

2) Metamorphosis: How the box changes its form and what happens inside.

The Rebell Minds Gallery’s ART BOX describes an ”inbetween-stage”: it is a work of art as well as a designer product; a cinematic document as well as a sound composition. Thematically, artistically and audio-visually, the ART BOX grapples with a geographic and culturally specific scenario, consisting of an object as well as a DVD. As regards the content’s, every ART BOX is designed individually, the emphasis being on exposing the underlying tenor, strengthening the product idea, and also enabling people to experience it. Following the tradition of Bauhaus, the differences in the artists’ and craftsman’s nature are not accepted, but contemporarily expanded by the areas of design, digital film and DJ culture. What is unusual here is the bridging of borders of art and live acts; of design and provocation; of film, advertisement and sensual experience. The ‘collaborative artwork’ aims to be a connection of art and reality. Manual and technical demands, conceptual penetration of the genre and qualitative composition are features of the ART BOX. They form an ‘art market’ comment in answer to the question: What is art? What is a product? What is real today?