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Rebell Minds

Since its’ opening in Berlin in 2001, the Rebell Minds Gallery represents unconventional exhibitions, live acts and art performances. Additional to the locations in St. Tropez, Geneva, Paris, NY, Warsaw and Kiev, German-Iranian Vesta Mauch, established a forum where the most recent developments of young, international artists can be witnessed. She assembles artists of a new generation of international fame and produces limited series and unique art events at extraordinary locations. The works, produced by Rebell Minds, are only available for purchase or to be seen in a small edition and only for a short time at various places that either have a close affiliation to art or , on the other hand,  have no connection what so ever.
Mauch works on projects in a genre transgressing way, combining new tendencies in performing arts in electronic music, in documentary movies, in communication and marketing. The Rebell Minds Gallery aspires to provide a forum for new tendencies in the performing arts and wants to involve the audience through its actions, as well as preferring to have intimate conversations in a small circle and individual presentations.
The whole of 2005 was dominated by contemporary Persian arts. For the first time three female and three male artists from Iran were represented in Germany with photographic series, installations and paintings that addressed and provocatively commented on the issues of the self-perception of a woman and a man, the social tensions and political evaluations. “Amazones“ and “Thinking Cypress“ were exhibited for more then half a year in  the Villa Rose in Berlin-Friedrichshain, which was only opened recently. Since 2006 the gallery found a new how in the Vill Sankt Gertraud in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Another change of locations is not planned.