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Vesta Mauch

German-Iranian, Vesta Mauch, was born 1969 in Teheran, but grew up in France and Switzerland. She studied French literature and law in Strasburg, furniture and decorative art at Sotheby`s Educational Studies in London, as well as furniture & objects at the IESA in Paris. Before opening the Rebell Minds Gallery in 2001, Mauch had gained a lot of professional experience in Paris from interesting places: She worked at, among others, the VIA (Institute for applied design research) and was subsequently Director of Communications for the Philippe Starck agency. She was employed as a management assistant in the Georges Pompidou Centre, where she was appointed chief curator for the design department.
Her vision: “Art these days is not only expressed by one medium, but by many, hence we have to create exhibitions where we can bring together the different forms of art – and that is not only painting, photography, video films and installations, but also music and speech performances, as well as design.” Furthermore she believes in the following statement: ”Art is in motion, therefore the gallery and the producer have to be in motion, too.