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3) Input: How the box captures countries and regions, themes and persons, and then releases them again.

The first ART BOX “Amazones“ is dedicated to Iran. Art is the Iranian artists’ organ. For you can say more through art than through words. Many achieve this, and you can find a lively cultural scene in Iran. Art in Iran is about finding hidden ways to realise your projects. “Amazones“ appears in the form of a megaphone and picks up on the classic symbol of political and social uproar. Instead of speaking into the megaphone, the observer watches the film through a viewfinder, which is projected onto an interior display. Similar to a telescope or the observation slit of a “Burka”, it will be possible to observe the inaccessible and invisible. The observer becomes the silent propagandist behind the scene.

The second ART BOX features the younger Eastern Europe and deals especially with the Ukraine, Russia and Poland. The “Unzerstörbare wildflower“ (Indestructible wildflower) forms the basis of the dispute. The motive of the design is the Cheburashka, the Russian Olympic mascot of the Olympic winter games in Turin in 2006.  We do not find any smuggler’s goods inside, but an implemented display, where you can watch a documentary movie about Russian Artists. To start the movie you have to pull a line, - comparable with the children’s musical clock. The sound for the movie comes out of the ears of the teddy bear. 
The third ART BOX “Auf Wiedersehen Underground“ (Goodbye Underground) dances through the Berlin club scene. “Living on the edge“ is the motto of the Berlin underground DJS, whose life is determined by a constant change of ups and downs.  The DJ desk as the navel and centre of the Berlin underground was the inspiration for the realisation. The ART BOX lets you experience this life cycle with the help of familiar DJ tools: The visitor stands on a platform and controls a professional mixing desk, thus catapulting himself into the illustrious position of a DJ.

4) Moral: What the box is worth and how you too can posses it.

Contact: Rebell Minds Gallery, Vesta Mauch
You can find out about the value of the box and the moral of this story: if you keep on going long enough, the result will be within reach and finally you will be successful.