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3D - Alejandro del Rio Etayo


  • Univ. graduate in Bellas Artes. Audiovisuals and Painting. EHU/UPV, 2005.
  • Master in Professional Animation.Vask Government, 2002.
  • Professional Course of Maya 3d. EUVE (European Virtual Engineering), 2005.
  • Professional Course of Flash, web pages development and programation, Ancart, 2005

Experience in cinema and t.v. like lay-out artist and story-board artist in periods between 1996-2003 Merlin enterprise (Bilbao)

Individual Exhibitions

  • Audiovisual project "Independent project" (live act+3d animations) into the Modular sessions festival in Rock Star club (Bilbao) and LeClub (Bilbao), 2006.
  • Alienigen Anatomic Treatisement" Anti-liburudenda, Bilbao 2006.
  • Virtual Landscapes". San Francisco Culture Centre, Bilbao 2005.

Colective Exhibitions

  • Videocreation "virtual me".Getxoarte, Getxo. 2006
  • Ertibil 2006 (itinerant exhibition of visual arts)
  • Digital Corner". Euskalduna Palace. Bilbao, 2006
  • Digital art. Cafe Moskow Gallery. Berlin, 2006